Ccco-logoMain Final Logo1xNelson L. Coleman founded Curtis Coleman Company (CCCo) in 1913 in San Diego. Initially, the company was founded as a general real estate company focusing on real estate lending, sales, leasing, property management and insurance. In the early 1950’s, CCCo. expanded its services to include income property loans with life insurance companies, trusts, and other financial institutions with the CCCo. retaining loan servicing. Growth led to CCCo. expanding into joint ventures and real estate development. Today, CCCo is owner and/or joint venture partner of multiple properties including an industrial portfolio in Sorrento Valley as well as both a developer and operator of a 325 space mobile home park in Kearny Mesa.

CCCo. has always been a family-owned company and is still owned and operated today by George N. Coleman, Jr., Cynthia M. Coleman, and Ryan Coleman – the fourth and fifth generations of founder Nelson L. Coleman. CCCo. combines the experience and knowledge of a tenured and successful firm with a family approach to relationships and solutions. Our goal is to continue offering high-level professional property management services while developing long-term strong relationships with our clients.

Curtis Coleman Co. (CCCo.) is still an integral part of San Diego real estate. Currently located in Scripps Ranch, CCCo. provides a variety of services to the San Diego area including:

  • Property Management
  • Commercial Sales & Leasing
  • Residential Sales
  • Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Lending

CCCo. takes pride in being a consistent part of the San Diego community and enjoys supporting its growth and development.